About Nziol

NZIOL is a New Zealand based growing institute with a structural approach to education. Tutoring relies heavily on memorization. At NZIOL, we take a decidedly different approach—one that shifts the focus from “WHAT your child is learning to HOW your child is learning”.

We don’t ask your child to review and memorize the same old stuff. We help them build the skills they need to really learn and understand. With NZIOL’s programs you’ll be putting an end to the time and expense of hiring a tutor year after year—instead, you’ll be giving your child the skills he or she needs to deal with today’s school struggles, and helping him or her develop thinking and learning skills that will be used for this grade and for every grade.


When your child is struggling in school, there’s always a reason. Whether it’s comprehension, motivation, lack of challenge or lack of confidence. NZIOL will get to the root of the school issue and through a personalized learning program, help your child become a better, more confident student who gets better grades.


Education must be egalitarian
It must be child-centred and relevant
Emphasis must be on skills
Experience, experiment and understanding are more important
Creativity and feelings are more important than facts
Right and wrong depend on one’s point of view
It is the process that matters
Criteria provide a framework for subjective assessment or tasks based on skills Co-operation must take precedence
Entitlement for all replaces choice and differentiation; equal opportunities can be used to construct equality of result

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